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Rosmini as the idea historic predecessor of social market economy

Liberal remarks to some actual interpretations of the Philosophy of Right (A Series of Five Video Lectures by Prof. Markus Krienke - Lugano/New York)

A deeper analysis of Rosmini’s economic thought in comparison to the various forms of modern liberalism, shows a fundamental coincidence between Rosmini and the neoliberalism of the German ordoliberalism or of the social market economy in the fundamental principles. This result stands in contrast with the interpretation that inserts Rosmini in the tradition of civil economy, but it contrasts also the attempt to absorb the moral dimension of liberty in a metaphysic of rights. Both interpretations, which are the most recent proposals to read the Philosophy of Right, do not consider, indeed, the specific structure of the civil society in relationship to the other two specific societies, on the one side, and to the individual right, on the other. It will be shown that an universal perspective on the problems of economy and civil society, gives a strong argument to collocate Rosmini (1) in the liberal tradition and (2) as a predecessor of 20th century’s ordoliberalism.
Concretely, in order to demonstrate the affinities of Rosmini to ordoliberalism and social market economy, it will be criticized in a first step the thesis of Carlos Hoevel, then the next two lectures will analyse the various theoretical conceptions of liberalism, libertarianism and ordoliberalism. In the fourth and fifth lecture, then, will be enlightened some central elements of the economical thought of Antonio Rosmini, showing his correspondence to ordoliberalism

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