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Marriage and sexuality

A Rosminian Proposal for Contemporary Man (A video course by Dr. Samuele Tadini)

The Rosminian vision of marriage and sexuality, is a proposal for the contemporary man. Here I will try to demonstrate the modernity of his point of view. Rosmini, in fact, is a classical example of a Christian man who knew how to advocate a renewal in the tradition of the Church, preserving the message of the Fathers of the Church and accepting the challenge of modern times. Relativism and atheism, the two names of the same disease called nihilism, have contributed to the destruction of moral, philosophical, political and theological values. The state of marriage is also affected by this disease. Rosmini is very clear and he appeals to reason to respond to both rationalism to irrationalism, the two theoretical extremes of our times. Marriage is a value and the reference to the Truth and to Love guarantee victory against any provocative opinion that would seem to deny the fundamental status of marriage in itself.

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